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Studio News for September

September is a great month to catch one of these three exhibits in Parksville and Qualicum.

Play On Award

Play On won an Honourable Mention award at the Federation of Canadian Artists Arrowsmith Chapter fall show. The exhibition is currrently on display at the McMillan Arts Centre in Parksville until September 26, 2015.

                                    Play On                                Soul Sisters

Play On and Soul Sisters are on display at the McMillan Arts Centre for the month of September.

Qualicum Stationers Gallery September Exhibit

Patt’s work will also be on display at Qualicum Stationers Gallery until October 15th.

Cafe Adagio September Exhibit - Copy

And be sure to come by Cafe Adagio on Harrison Street in Parksville and enjoy one of their specialty coffees while taking in Patt’s exhibit there until September 28th.




Why Painting Ponds is a Passion

When I was a child growing up on a farm in Saskatchewan I loved going down to the pond. It was a small pond where the water accumulated from the drainage culverts under the railroad tracks. For me it was a place of solace. I loved watching nature and the life in the pond – catching tadpoles and frogs.
As an adult I am still intrigued by ponds and marshes. I love going out in the canoe and escaping to a quiet place with the sounds and sights of nature.
Lily pads and water shield plants have always fascinated me.
Painting ponds takes me back to that place of solitude and allows me time to meander in my thoughts. It is like a painting meditation for me.

You can watch a video about my inspiration here.

Here are some of the paintings in my “pondscape series”. Click on them to see the full size image.

In a Cage

This painting was juried into the FCA Abstract Show

Scrivener-In-a-Cage -Acrylic -36x36 -dementia trapped in cage

The Story Behind The Painting

This painting came about after caring for my Mom who lives with dementia. For me the cage represents isolation, locked up words and feelings of being trapped. The birds represent the longing for freedom from the trapped inner feelings. The rich colour of her dress is indicative of her rich inner life. The contrast between dark and light represented the challenges and the hope.

The inscription on the piece reads:

“Words are all but forgotten,
Memories lie deep within”  
  Patt Scrivener


To Purchase
I would love to hear your interpretation. Leave a comment below.

10 Things to Try When You Have a Stuck Painting

My guiding word for this year is COMPLETE so even though I work on more than one painting at a time I am working hard to finish them and not loose interest when I hit a block. Here is a list of 10 things to try if you have a stuck painting. Go ahead and give them a try!

  1. Don’t worry about the end result – you are stuck!
  2. Try adding a new colour
  3. Bring out the sandpaper
  4. Use coloured construction paper to block oiut areas
  5. Take a photo and look at it on a large computer monitor
  6. Turn your painting upside down
  7. Try adding a different medium
  8. Try a different brush stroke
  9. Draw into your painting
  10. Put away your brush and use your fingers or unorthodox tools!

If you need more guidance I put a workshop together to help you get to “THE FINISH LINE” – it is one day  and you will leave feeling good about moving forward on a few of those stuck pieces.

You can register online or by phone at 250-248-2775



Raw Beauty

1511 Scrivener Day 11 Raw Beauty LR“Raw Beauty” is about more than the unclothed human form. When you are put in the position of being the caregiver for a loved one or any one for that matter you want to give them their privacy as much as possible. When viewing them in the raw you tend to look through them and past all of that into the beauty that lies deep within.


1510 Scrivener Day 10 Contemplation LRContemplation  – 1. the act of contemplating –  thoughtful observation.

2. full or deep consideration; reflection: religious contemplation.

3. purpose or intention.
4. prospect or expectation.
I have been spending a lot of time contemplating. Searching for the best outcome and solution to the problem. It is never easy when you are making decisions on somebodies behalf.

In a Cage

1508 Scrivner Day 8 In a Cage LR jpg

In A Cage 9×5″ Mixed Media $50.00


“In a Cage” reflects how I feel! Being confined to the house as a live in caregiver 24/7 starts to make you stir crazy. Finding small bits of time to paint, journal and listen to podcasts has kept me sane!

At the same time I think the person living with dementia feels like they are in a cage too. Being unable to find the words to express yourself has got to be more than frustrating.

Why Choose a Guiding Word?

When I wear my other hat as a life coach I help people to get clear on their intentions and to pick ONE guiding word for the year.

A guiding word keeps our awareness sharp around that which we want to focus on. Last year my word was Systems. Through out the year I implemented some new SYSTEMS particularily in my studio. I still have plenty to do in this area! Is it every really done as we change grow and expand?

I have pondered long and hard on this years word as I had a few contenders. I have finally settled on COMPLETE. I think this encompasses two other words – focus and efficient. In order to complete I am going to have to stay focussed and by completing I am going to be more efficient.  Some of the completion revolves around the system. A system only works if it is implemented and has follow through. That is my weakness! In all my previous businesses I have been able to delegate to get all the tasks finished. Now for the most part I am a one woman act! I live by the motto ” If it is meant to be it is up to me”!

I always like to create a visual to hang in my studio as a reminder of my guiding word. I encourage you to do one too!


Just a fast painting with collaged letters in my journal.

Guiding Word -Complete LRI would love to have you join me in finding your guiding word. Please leave a comment with your Guiding word.

Now here is to COMPLETING!


2014 Year in Review

Here are a some highlights of 2014

I achieved my AFCA status with the Federation of Canadian Artists.

If you want to read more about that check out this earlier blog post.

Success Show


 “Shopping Spree” was accepted into the Sooke Fine Art Show

1401 - Scrivener - Shopping Spree - 36x36 - LR “Jumping Through Hoops” was accepted into the Sidney Fine Art Show1485 - Scrivener - Jumping Through Hoops - 36x36 - HR b

 I had two paintings juried into the FCA Arrowsmith Fall Show and received Second place for “Music to My Ears”


1402 - Scrivener - Music to My Ears - 48x48 - WRScrivener - Sing Along 30x24I painted a daily painting every day for 3 months – 92 paintings!

Several paintings found a new home – here are some of them~