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Back to My Roots

1602 Scrivener- Back to My Roots SM

This is the second painting of 2016. A remnant from a class demo on landscape painting that took a few twists and turns today.

I find myself doing a lot of reflecting at this time of year and this painting takes me back to my roots.

Growing up on a farm on the prairies seemed like a simpler time. A time with less stimuli and more time to ponder. Long snowy days and days filled with sunshine.

A time when neighbours dropped by and had time for a visit.

Simpler in terms of stuff! We lived simple – a small house only 400 sq. feet with 2 bedrooms in the eaves. By today’s standards that would be crowded for 6 people. It was the way it was, we did not know any different. I have already experienced the small house movement that is becoming all the rage.

Farm house

The larger house in this photo belonged to my grandfather.  When I was around 14 we built a new house. I got my own bedroom!

We lived outside a lot.  We did not have many toys but invented toys and games. I learned to skate at the neighbours house on the outdoor rink using skates two sizes too big stuffed with tissue.

In grade one I went to the one room school a mile away and we walked to and from most days. It had to be extremely cold to get a ride.

Carlea School


I learned to play softball in grade one on a mixed team, There where only 16 of us in the school up to grade eight.

I drooled over the art of a grade four boy.

Although I can never go back could I just recreate some of that simpler living in our now complex world? I think that lines up with my guiding word for 2016 -BALANCE

Slow down, take time to ponder and reflect.


What are you pondering?

Leave a comment  – I would love to hear your thoughts.


Raw Beauty

1511 Scrivener Day 11 Raw Beauty LR“Raw Beauty” is about more than the unclothed human form. When you are put in the position of being the caregiver for a loved one or any one for that matter you want to give them their privacy as much as possible. When viewing them in the raw you tend to look through them and past all of that into the beauty that lies deep within.


1510 Scrivener Day 10 Contemplation LRContemplation  – 1. the act of contemplating –  thoughtful observation.

2. full or deep consideration; reflection: religious contemplation.

3. purpose or intention.
4. prospect or expectation.
I have been spending a lot of time contemplating. Searching for the best outcome and solution to the problem. It is never easy when you are making decisions on somebodies behalf.

In a Cage

1508 Scrivner Day 8 In a Cage LR jpg

In A Cage 9×5″ Mixed Media $50.00


“In a Cage” reflects how I feel! Being confined to the house as a live in caregiver 24/7 starts to make you stir crazy. Finding small bits of time to paint, journal and listen to podcasts has kept me sane!

At the same time I think the person living with dementia feels like they are in a cage too. Being unable to find the words to express yourself has got to be more than frustrating.

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow!

I am into my second week of my yellow challenge. To say it has been fun would be a lie! I never thought that painting with a colour I didn’t like would be so difficult.  I keep trying different colour combinations and techniques hoping something will click.

Maybe I should just paint pears and lemons!

Research says it takes 7- 10 “tastes” for children to like a food.  I am starting Day 11 – does that mean I am going to ” like ” yellow? Only time will tell. Research talks about pairing the disliked foods with foods you like, for instance- broccoli with sugar (yuck!), until you acquire a taste.

So maybe, just maybe, that would work if I paired the yellow with teal!  I think I may be onto something here!

As frustrated as I am I will continue because I am not a quitter. I am sure there will be a silver lining in this dark cloud. The sun will come out tomorrow, tomorrow,  bet your bottom dollar! Tomorrow, tomorrow you might be mellow and like yellow tomorrow!

Stay calm and paint on!



Ten Reasons You Should Do a Thirty Day Painting Challenge

You end up with 30 pieces of art (now that was obvious!)

Okay here are the ten real reasons!

  1. It creates a habit
  2. It helps with procrastination
  3. It allows you to experiment
  4. It increases your speed
  5. It increases your confidence
  6. It can aid in learning a new technique
  7. You learn to make quicker decisions
  8. You learn what you like and what you don’t like
  9. You discover new colour combinations
  10. You define your style

How to Get Started

I like to follow the calendar month but you don’t have to. I just find it is an easy way to keep track of the challenge.
Some decisions need to be made before you start; size, substrate and medium. I like to use paper and have been enjoying painting on Terraskin. It does not buckle, has a nice smooth surface and is reasonable to purchase. By using paper I find I am less concerned with the results. You can always mount the ones you are happy with. What format do you like? Square or rectangle? A small painting is achievable. I like working in the square format and am enjoying the 6×6″ size.

Setting Some Parameters

If you don’t you will have more trouble making decisions about what to paint. Decide on a theme, a colour palette, a subject matter or a technique. Put yourself in a box. By focusing on less you will learn more!  Did you hear me – BY FOCUSING ON LESS YOU WILL LEARN MORE!  Sorry for shouting! I just think that narrowing your focus is key to learning.

Keeping the Momentum

Come on you can do anything for 30 days!  Here are some things that have helped me.

  • Hire a coach! Why do you think athletes succeed?
  • Have an accountability partner. This could be a friend or your spouse.
  • Team up with a friend who is willing to take the challenge.
  • Join an online challenge group
  • Use social media to stay accountable.
  • Schedule a time to paint

Painting challenges are fun and a great way to learn. I would love to have you join me.


Here are all the paintings from my latest challenge

Thirty Days of Teal

Start Your Collection – Here’s How

These paintings are available unless marked SOLD.  They are $50.00 plus applicable taxes and  shipping. They come  matted in a black matt that measures 12×12″ with my bio on the back, packaged in a cello sleeve. Contact me directly by replying to this email with your selection. I take credit cards, cheques or cash.