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Two Day Residency

I just spent two days at the TOSH10 Gallery in The Old School House In Qualicum Beach. It is my commitment to being in a co-operative gallery. I treat my shift as a self imposed residency. If I go with a strong focus I find I can get a lot of  work done.  So for the past two days  I worked on Abstract Landscape paintings – just small studies.

I started by making several thumbnail sketches of  a variety of composition styles – high horizon, low horizon, framed, path, aerial view etc.
Sketch Book

I then started working on several paintings – 11 to be exact! I used scrapers and palette knife as well as some brush work.

There is great value in working on several paintings at one time- you never get caught up on any thing becoming to precious and you have no down time waiting for things to dry.

Most of them are not finished but close.

Here is where I got to so far. I will post them as I complete them – always the hardest part!

It’s all about the process!

I had an amazing weekend attending the Suzanne Northcott “Big and Loose”  workshop hosted by  Susan of Island Arts Magazine.

Suzanne really reaffirmed my belief in the process. If you allow yourself to enjoy the process the outcome will take care of itself.

Many people worked from subject matter however I painted intuitively. Not having a clue what would turn up as I madly mixed, poured and scraped.

I worked on 5 canvases of various sizes the smallest being 24×24″ and the largest being 30×48″.

Although I didn’t finish any one of them (5 more to add to my collection of unfinished paintings), I did get a good start on them and built up several layers.  Even though I was experimenting and trying different ways of working with the mediums my work developed a theme.  My mark making and scraping had a consistent feel.

I am calling it the “Pond Series”.

My goal this week aside from teaching a two day workshop and teaching a few harp lessons is to try and work some of these paintings to the finish line!

Here are the paintings in progress.








On the Edge of My Seat!

Entering juried exhibitions can be stressful at the best of times. The Sidney Fine Art Show is not an exception!  The day after you pick up your art you get an email notifying you of your acceptance or decline.  The acceptance letters reads ‘” We are pleased to tell you that one or more of your entries has been selected for display in the 2014 Sidney Fine Art Show. We know that you will be anxious to find out the actual results, and are giving you TWO OPTIONS to do so.

If you live out of town that really only leaves one option – wait for the results in the mail.  So 10 days give or take before I know the final results.

Here are my 3 entries.

Jumping Through Hoops

Jumping Through Hoops  36×36″  Acrylic on Canvas

Sing Along

Sing Along  30×24″ Acrylic/collage on canvas

A Night to Remember

A Night to Remember -40×30″ Acrylic/collage on canvas

I will let you know when I get the results. I am pleased to have at least one accepted.

Stay tuned!



School is Back In

If you live in B.C. that is not the case with the striking teachers!

However school is back in at my studio!  I will be offering some workshops in October in my studio in Parksville. One is on the Monoprint and Collage method that I have been doing a daily painting challenge with.  The other one is a Mixed Media Abstract Landscape Workshop.

Class sizes are limited to 6 so you get lots of one on one.

If you would like more information you can find it here.


A Night on the Town and other fun stuff!

Where does time go! It is now nearing the end of April and this has become old news. I hope you still enjoy it!

At the end of March I went to Vancouver to visit a friend from Calgary who was house sitting for her daughter. The first thing we did was head down to The Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery to see the Success Show.

Here is a picture of me with 3 of my paintings.

Success show 2014


While down in Granville Island we had a chance to visit Maiwa handprints and I couldn’t resist to take some photos of the displays.

Van GoghFolded FeltRolled FeltI love the colours and the way they displayed the felt.  I use to be a visual merchandiser so can’t help but notice the clever displays.

Granville would not be complete with out  a trip to OPUS.  While walking there I saw this wonderful opportunity for a photo shoot. This is the cool thing about old industrial areas! City grunge!


As I had gone on the ferry as a walk on I did not want to burden myself with having to carry  a bunch of stuff.  I said to my girlfriend “Don’t let me buy anything bigger than a pencil!”   Here is what I ended up with. It easily fit in my carry on and cost me just under $100.00!


My other not to be missed stop was Urban Source, the store where you can buy an empty paper bag and stuff as much into it as possible. There are 3 different prices and sizes. I limited myself to the small bag.


and this is what I packed into it!  Now this is NOT going to fit into my carry on. I am going to have to buy a bag to carry the bag!


 Here are a couple of paintings that where influenced by my trip. Alone-in-the-city


If you are interested in either of these paintings please shoot me an email I would be happy to send you further information and images.






10 Benefits of Working in a Series

I think working in a series has several benefits and is a great practice for an artist to get into.

  1. You will gain speed and confidence
  2. You will produce a cohesive body of work
  3. If you do smaller paintings in a series you can generate ideas for larger paintings
  4. Quantity will produce quality
  5. You can explore a new colour palette
  6. You can explore a theme
  7. You can explore alternative tools e.g. not using brushes
  8. You can push your boundaries by limiting your choices
  9. You will grow as an artist
  10. You will become an expert on a style


Here is a series I have been working on. They are all 8×8″ paintings on 300 lb. watercolour paper with a border. They are all priced at $125.00



Just select the painting you would like from the drop down menu and I will mail it to you within two business days.

$125.00 each plus applicable taxes and shipping.

Painting Number

I’m Doing the Happy Dance

….on Sunday evening I received a call from the Executive Director of the Federation of Canadian artists to tell me my application for Signature status had been successful!

So What is the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) Anyway?

 Founded in 1941 by a group of Canadian artists including one of the nation’s iconic painters, Group of Seven member Lawren Harris the FCA operates as a non-profit society and its mission is to advance the knowledge and appreciation of art and culture to all Canadians. It is recognized for the high standard of quality it has established and maintains for participating member artists.

Levels of Membership

  • Supporting  membership is open to anyone who appreciates art
  • Active membership – this is a juried process and if accepted allows you to enter exhibitions at the Federation Gallery in Vancouver and with your regional chapter.
  • Associate Membership -AFCA
  • Senior Membership -SFCA

Application Process for  Signature Membership

  • Successful admission into eight qualifying juried exhibitions over four years
  • A portfolio of 10 works
  • Three paintings from the portfolio to be viewed in person


  •  Entries are juried by the Federation’s Board of Governors which is comprised of SFCA members.
  • Successful applicants must receive a majority of “yes” votes to be accepted.
  •  They convene annually to review the year’s batch of applications

I am more than pleased to be among the 15 selected for the Associate level from the 40 artists who put their names and work forward this year. I’m now qualified to place the initials AFCA after my name (hence the reason it’s known as signature status) to indicate this achievement


Here is the portfolio I submitted.

If you are interested I purchasing any of the available paintings or to commission me to do a painting for you please contact me at

Octobers’ Challenge in Review

Music to My Ears, 48 x48", Acryic/collage on a gallery wrapped canvas, $3500.00

Music to My Ears, 48 x48″, Acryic/collage on a gallery wrapped canvas, $3500.00

This post is a little late coming now that we are nearing the middle of November. In September I challenged myself to paint 30 paintings in 30 days. That totalled 3740 square inches. In October I decided to challenge myself to do the same or more in square inches but in any size (I was craving to work large!). I ended up doing a few small ones too! Five of the paintings where previously started and needed to be resolved.  In total I finished 6336 square inches. What really boosted my total was my large painting “Music to My Ears” which is 4’x4′.  On top of that I taught 3 workshops and displayed my art at the Island Arts Expo!

Here are my results.