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Play Big

This is a painting I did with cold wax and oil paint. For some reason the words “If life is a game Play Big” came up. It got me thinking about what play big means.

Scrivener - Play Big

Play Big is going to mean something different for everyone. The next step of your journey, something you are facing that is fearful, a big dream you want to take.

For me playing big means getting my art work and my music out there more.

It also means inspiring and helping other people to aspire to their dreams. That could come through teaching harp or art, decorating houses or coaching people to find their big.

When you do decide on what your big is it is amazing how stuff starts to show up and opportunities align with your “big”

So, where are you playing big right now?

If you are not playing big what is holding you back?

If you feel stuck with your creativity and want to break through the barriers book a free thirty minute Empowerment Call. You will be able to ask questions about the process about coaching and about what to expect if we work together. The goal of this call is to see if we are a good coach/client match, and whether or not you might want to work with me to break through the barriers and “Play Big”

If we decide that we are not a good fit, no harm done – we will both have learned something in the process.

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Exploring Cold Wax and Oil

After -Adding strength to focal area

   Emerging Thoughts

12×12” Cold Oil and Wax


I love experimenting with new mediums. After working with encaustic I was excited to experiment with cold wax. The beauty of it is that you do not need to fuse the layers or vent the toxic fumes.  I love being able to create textures in it and build up layers. It is a medium that lends itself to my process. The two products I have tried are Dorlands and Gamblins. They are both great products, depending on how you like to work. The Gamblins is stiffer than Dorlands. I also experimented with making my own however was not happy with the results. Maybe I will give it another try one day!

Gamblin’s  explain “Cold Wax medium is made from naturally white, pure beeswax. Formulated to knife consistency, Cold Wax Medium makes oil colors thicker and more matte. Cold Wax Medium can be used to make Gamblin mediums and Gamvar more matte. It can also be applied alone as a matte varnish” If you want more info you can download a pdf here.

Rebecca Crowell is a cold wax and oil painter and you can get a great PDF she wrote with a lot of information from the Jacquard website.

You can also get a lot of information from the group site set up by Rebecca

As part of my

Art a la Carte Series

I will demonstrate oil and cold wax on Mar. 22.

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30 Paintings in 30 Days-Day 17

This painting came together quickly with a few layers. I especially love the sky and the bits of texture and colour in the foreground.

8x8" Miced Media on a Cradled Panel $150.00

Scrivener, Sunset Over the Water, 8×8″ Mixed Media on a Cradled Panel $150.00


30 Paintings in 30 Days- Day 16

I lost the circles! My favorite part! Oh well that is the way it is with paintings, just like life – you can’t keep it all! Painting involves many decisions, many that you can’t undo, another parallel with life! At the same time we must be brave, sitting in limbo doesn’t take us any where!

If a decision turns out wrong we have to make another one to correct it – in paintings and in life. Each time we learn  and grow from our decisions. One advantage in painting over life though is that we have a large container of white gesso that we can cover over everything and start with a near clean slate! Life is not that

Day 16









Scrivener- Red and Blue Landscape , 12 x 12″

Cold wax and oil on cradled panel


30 Paintings 30 Days -Day 15

This painting was a real challenge. For whatever reason it just would not come together. I am still not elated with it but find it interesting.


30 Days 30 Paintings -Day 14

After much experimenting and many layers of adding and subtracting I ended up with something rich, more muted and full of interest. I also had a lot of paint on my hands!


30 Paintings in 30 Days -Day 13

Divided –Separate or be separated into parts.   This painting has a religious story with the small image of the church in between the people. Reflecting while I was painting I realized how many times in my life I have seen the divide between religion and people.

I have had many feelings of being divided – through divorce, friendships, moving and death.  It is part of life that we must endure.

Being in groups of people, like minded or not often leaves me feeling exasperated separated.

This painting doesn’t have a happy feel instead it carries a lot of emotional weight.


Divided -12 x 12″  Oil and cold wax on a cradled panel $250.00

30 Paintings in 30 Days -Day 12

I titled this painting “Commitment”. The 30/30 challenge is also a commitment. A commitment to show up in my studio with a goal in mind. Every day it is my hope that I can work through one of my previously started or unsuccessful paintings and turn it into a new painting that I am happy with. Some days I am happier with the results than other days. Some days the painting comes together effortlessly  and other days they are still misbehaving- going through the teenager phase!  I am hanging in though there because I am committed to finishing this project. I am grateful for everyone cheering me on! Thank you!

12 x 12" on Cradled Panel. Mixed media, $250.00

12 x 12″ on Cradled Panel. Mixed media, $250.00


30 Paintings in 30 Days -Day 11

This painting started as a photo transfer on paper which I then mounted on a cradled birch panel. After this I collaged text on and used Golden Crackle paste. I then added some colour. with acrylic. That is the before part. For the after part I only salvaged the photo transfer of the window and the figure appeared beside it. I used cold wax and oil for this layer and scratched back into it using a wooden skewer to make calligraphic marks.

I am calling it “Contemplation”. Doing this 30 day challenge has me contemplating many things including the fact that I love experimenting, would rather start than finish, hate a cluttered studio and am really anxious to get on with some totally new work.

12 x 12" Mixed media on cradled panel $250.00

12 x 12″ Mixed media on cradled panel $250.00










30 Paintings in 30 Days -Day 10

Here are the results of today. I had felt this  little painting rather boring and never got around to finishing it. Scraping a few layers of colours and voila! I really like the sky! One day I will focus on a series of skies. However right now I have to stay on task. This has been challenging to say the least – not the daily painting  but working through the previously started work and actually finishing them!