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Day 18 – Monoprint and Collage













This one has several layers built up – paint, collage, paint collage. I used number stencils and foam letters. What you have to remember is everything prints opposite so you have to be on your toes if you want your numbers of letters to be the right way.

I discovered my Museum brand of black heavy body paint did not work It just orange peeled on the plate. It made an interesting texture bit not what I was trying to achieve.

So there you have it -Say 18!


Day 15- Monoprint and Collage












I had to default back to landscapes today. I did 3 circle paintings and they are all awful! I am feeling under the weather with a sore throat and cold.  Not really happy with this one either but it is the best I have to show you.

Tomorrow is another day! And today is the half way mark! I am really losing momentum so I hope I can hang in there for the second half!

Until then –


Day 8 – Monoprint and Collage

Day 8 - Monoprint and Collage


Taking a break from the landscapes and going back to my circle abstracts. You can faintly see parts of the circle grid pattern in the background. I then built up layers using masks to save some of the layers. The last step was to collage the open circle shapes on.  I am going to play around with this technique some more.



If you are interested in learning more about this technique join me in a workshop on Oct 15 and 16th. Register here.

Day 7 – Monoprint and Collage

Scrivener-Day 7-Monoprint and CollageAnother variation on the theme. I am really liking the way this swirly stamp looks. I had a darker colour on the bottom layer and then I put a layer of Bleached Titianium over top and stamped into it with the linocut stamp. The straight edge on the bottom is cut deli paper that was painted with the Gelli plate. I like how a straight edge can provide some tension with the organic shapes.

I will soon be announcing the date for an upcoming workshop on Monoprint and Collage. If you hare interested in the information reply to this blog post.

Until tomorrow!


Day 6- Monoprint and Collage

Day 6 Monoprint and CollageAnother landscape!  This one has many layers of colour built up on the Gelli Plate. I have used more collage this time. The bottom half is all collage, The variegated paper is deli paper that I used to clean off my brayer as I was working. The black is painted deli paper and of course a bit of my mission to preserve a dictionary.  I added the fine black lines with a Fine Line squeeze bottle.


If you are out an about tomorrow I will be at Party on the Drive in Parksville. Stop by and say hello!


Day 5- Monoprint and Collage

Scrivner- day 5 Monoprint and collageStill in landscape mode! Today I built up layers and used grid like stencils for the foreground and then collaged some square and rectangle shapes in red to accent it . On the horizon line along with text from and old dictionary I added some of the black painted deli paper and some purchased copper paper.

If you are interested in purchasing  they are $50.00 each plus tax and shipping.

Day 2 – Monoprint and Collage

Day 2 Monoprint and Collage













Today I built up many layers of colour, collaged on a paper doily for interest in the foreground and used some corrugated cardboard from a light bulb box for the horizon line.

I love how the colour peeks through the holes in the doily.

If you are interested in purchasing please contact me directly from my contact page. The price is $50.00 plus shipping. It comes matted in a black matt to 12×12″.

Until tomorrow!


Day 1 – Monoprint and Collage


This is the first of a new 30 day challenge. I have completed three challenges consecutively now painting 92 paintings. This month I have joined 700 other artists online that are taking the challenge.

This month I am going to push the limits on my Gelli Arts  printing plate.

This painting is an abstract landscape with the lace paper doily embedded to represent hills in the distance.

I like the moodiness you get building up the layers.

I think this will be fun!