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Honey Have You Seen the Meat Hammer?

 It was his turn to make dinner. It’s a man thing –steaks on the grill!  Not the best cut – he thought he would tenderize and marinate them. The meat hammer was always kept in the bottom drawer by the stove.

 “I’ve looked in ALL the drawers” he called out.

 “Hmm” I said with a perplexed look.

 “By any chance did it make its way into your studio?”  he said

 Well but of course! It along with several other items that have just been the perfect tool for that texture or mark that I am looking for. I use the strainers, muffin and loaf tins to make my encaustic medium.

Kitchen utensils as art supplies

One of the joys of being an experimental artist anything is fair game. I scour the thrift stores to find unique kitchen items too. I especially like metal as they are great to use with wax or acrylic.

The cool thing about cleaning wax is you just melt it off.

 Why not challenge yourself by using an unconventional tool in your artwork. Here are a few of my encaustic sample paintings.

If you are interested in learning more I have a workshop coming up “Intro to Encaustic” on May 28th and 29th. You can find the details on my website.


Happy Painting!