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Honey Have You Seen the Meat Hammer?

 It was his turn to make dinner. It’s a man thing –steaks on the grill!  Not the best cut – he thought he would tenderize and marinate them. The meat hammer was always kept in the bottom drawer by the stove.

 “I’ve looked in ALL the drawers” he called out.

 “Hmm” I said with a perplexed look.

 “By any chance did it make its way into your studio?”  he said

 Well but of course! It along with several other items that have just been the perfect tool for that texture or mark that I am looking for. I use the strainers, muffin and loaf tins to make my encaustic medium.

Kitchen utensils as art supplies

One of the joys of being an experimental artist anything is fair game. I scour the thrift stores to find unique kitchen items too. I especially like metal as they are great to use with wax or acrylic.

The cool thing about cleaning wax is you just melt it off.

 Why not challenge yourself by using an unconventional tool in your artwork. Here are a few of my encaustic sample paintings.

If you are interested in learning more I have a workshop coming up “Intro to Encaustic” on May 28th and 29th. You can find the details on my website.


Happy Painting!


30 Paintings in 30 Days -Day 30

Day 30 of the 30 day challenge draws to an end. I completed 29 paintings in total.

My last painting is about circles. A shape that I am passionate about and shows up often in my work. Although the challenge has wrapped up I think my work is like a circle – it has no beginning or ending. It is on going.

I drew a lot of insight from doing the challenge. It will help me form my next challenge. I enjoyed the daily discipline of painting, some days it was more difficult than others to get to the studio. I struggle with having to finish projects – especially when they are not working out. I loose interest easily. The challenge taught me perseverance, how to make faster decisions in my art, how to stick with it and push through to the other side.

Looking at all my finished pieces I have a great sense of accomplishment. I achieved 97% of the goal. In some ways I wish I would have worked on a series and had a cohesive look however I am happy I rescued so many pieces form the pile. It always feels good to finish something that is nagging us.

Thank you for following along and providing your support, encouragement and kind words.

Stay tuned for my October challenge!


Scrivener- Circles, 12 x 12″ Encaustic on wood panel.$250.00



30 Paintings in 30 Days -Day 29

This painting is Encaustic (hot wax). It just needed some punch so I added some more layers of brighter blues, greens, and copper. The final thing I did was to rub some copper metallic oil stick into the horizon line and foreground.


Scrivener – Along the  Boardwalk, 12 x 12″          Encaustic on Cradled Panel $250.00


30 Paintings in 30 Days – Day 27

This piece had gone really wrong -the layer you see is a photo transfer that did not work out. The cool thing about working with hot-wax is that you can back up! I started by heating the wax and scraping back layers until I got back to a mostly neutral ground. I left the image of the angel and added pressed flowers and Ginko leaves in layers to give it lots of depth.

12 x 12"  Encaustic on a wood Substrate. $$250.00

Scrivener-Gardening Angel12 x 12″ Encaustic on a Wood Substrate. $$250.00



30 Paintings in 30 Days – Day 26

Today I switched to using hot wax as my medium. I started out with a demo piece with all kind of marks and shredded paper embedding. I added more paper, some with texture on the right side and some with pressed leaves. When you apply wax to this paper the paper becomes transparent leaving the leaves to show. I also added a real dried leave to the equation. The black bird is a collage element and the branch is drawn with India Ink. Each layer of wax is fused with a heat gun or torch. If you want to learn more about Encaustic Collage (hot beeswax) I have a workshop coming up in my studio.



Scrivener- Bird on a Branch, 12 x 12″, Encaustic on a wood substrate. $250.00

Ocean Serenity by Award Winning Artist Patt Scrivener Goes to a New Home

Scrivener| Ocean Serenity| 8 x8| Acrylic
Denise MacDonald was in my mixed media class last weekend.  We experimented with Faux Encaustic.  This small piece was one that I brought along for show and tell and Denise fell in love with it. I love blue green together even though I haven’t been painting in that palette lately I think I might have to return to it one day soon,  so serene and calming.


Blackbird Fly, Encaustic by Patt Scrivener, Juried into the Federation of Canadian Artists Abstract Show

©Scrivener, Patt, Blackbird Fly, Encaustic Collage, 8×8″

This is created on a cradled birch panel. I used many different techniques. The circles at the bottom are made by using the punchella ribbon(left over from sequins) as a stencil. I used a rub on for the word and the bird is done by drawing on tissue paper and collaging in. The final touch is the bits of seed beeds and the miniature clothes pin.