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In a Cage

This painting was juried into the FCA Abstract Show

Scrivener-In-a-Cage -Acrylic -36x36 -dementia trapped in cage

The Story Behind The Painting

This painting came about after caring for my Mom who lives with dementia. For me the cage represents isolation, locked up words and feelings of being trapped. The birds represent the longing for freedom from the trapped inner feelings. The rich colour of her dress is indicative of her rich inner life. The contrast between dark and light represented the challenges and the hope.

The inscription on the piece reads:

“Words are all but forgotten,
Memories lie deep within”  
  Patt Scrivener


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A New Home

1512 Day12 Scrivener A New Home LR

“A New Home”  Today we found out that the Provincial Health Region had a permanent placement for Mom. She would be moving to a new home. A facility where the qualified staff would be there to care for her, Part of me is relieved and the other part of me is full of emotion – worry, anxiety, fear! I am not looking forward to move in day and yet I really am ready to get back to my own life, Nothing is ever easy when there are two sides to the coin.

Raw Beauty

1511 Scrivener Day 11 Raw Beauty LR“Raw Beauty” is about more than the unclothed human form. When you are put in the position of being the caregiver for a loved one or any one for that matter you want to give them their privacy as much as possible. When viewing them in the raw you tend to look through them and past all of that into the beauty that lies deep within.


1510 Scrivener Day 10 Contemplation LRContemplation  – 1. the act of contemplating –  thoughtful observation.

2. full or deep consideration; reflection: religious contemplation.

3. purpose or intention.
4. prospect or expectation.
I have been spending a lot of time contemplating. Searching for the best outcome and solution to the problem. It is never easy when you are making decisions on somebodies behalf.

In a Cage

1508 Scrivner Day 8 In a Cage LR jpg

In A Cage 9×5″ Mixed Media $50.00


“In a Cage” reflects how I feel! Being confined to the house as a live in caregiver 24/7 starts to make you stir crazy. Finding small bits of time to paint, journal and listen to podcasts has kept me sane!

At the same time I think the person living with dementia feels like they are in a cage too. Being unable to find the words to express yourself has got to be more than frustrating.

Bundled Up

Bundled Up 9x5" Mixed Media $50.00

Bundled Up 9×5″ Mixed Media $50.00

“All Bundled Up” was inspired by the cold winter temperatures in Saskatchewan. It has been as cold as -47 with the wind chill. To cold for man or beast!  And to think I endured these temperatures while owning a flower shop for 10 years. Wrapping the flowers to protect from the elements took as much time as making the arrangements. We sure did recycle a lot of newspaper! We even ran out some time and had to go dumpster diving in the paper recycling bin! And yes we did loose the odd arrangement to sever frostbite!

Missing the warmer days on the island and the smell of salt air.

Loving the blue sky and sunshine, the sparkling white snow and the pink sunrises and sunsets.

There is beauty everywhere.

The Big Catch

1506 Day 6 Scrivener The Big One LR























The Big Catch 9×5″ Mixed Media

$50.00 Available for purchase

Day 6 of the painting challenge landed on the second anniversary of the passing of my Dad.

He was an avid fisherman and this painting although not an accurate resemblance of him it is about remembering and honouring him.

Read more about how my Dad influenced my art career.

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

1505 Scrivener The Sun WIll COme Out Tomorrow LR                                       “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow” Mixed Media on Canvas Panel

$50.00 available for purchase

Today I was thinking about the story of Annie. The first time I saw this musical was in London England when I was in my twenties.  The positive message of the song “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow”  kept running through my head today. Trying to stay upbeat and positive can be challenging at times like this!

I so want to get back to my large work and my plethora of supplies. Having a few pens, one plein air book, a few watercolour sticks and 6 little tubes of paint is really stretching me.


Until tomorrow! Here’s to brighter days.


It’s Out of My Hands

1504 Scrivener Day 4  It's out of My Hands- LR

Out of My Hands  -9×5″ Mixed media on canvas panel  SOLD


This painting is about having the best interests at heart and not being able to follow through with them because of a flawed system or maybe more accurately I should say a broken system.

It is a real concern when there are not even adequate resources for respite let alone long term care or in home care.

Needless to say I am frustrated by the lack of solutions available. I think it will come down to having one choice.  So even though I would like to follow my heart “It is Out of My Hands”