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Finding inspiration in the most unlikely objects!

It was a clear and crisp day this past Sunday and after going for breakfast we ( my husband and I ) headed over to one of my favourite places for inspiration – the salvage yard! It was a good day – so many things that spoke to me. Him on the other hand has trouble understanding my excitement at old engines, radiators, and rusted metal. Here are a few of the images from the salvage yard and a few from a pond with frozen icicles.

Upon reflecting I came to realize why I like salvage and ponds. Both very different but they are associated with my childhood. My Dad was a machinist/mechanic/welder. There was always rusted metal, salvage, motors and the like around. The pond was down the road by the train track where the culvert drained. I use to spend hours at the pond catching tadpoles and frogs and just enjoying the sounds. I was a bit of a tom girl I must admit!



“I Perhaps Owe Having Become a Painter to Flowers.” – Monet

The last couple of weeks I worked at a local flower shop to allow the regular designer to have a vacation.  After spending many years in the floral industry it is like riding a bike.  I was quickly transported back to days gone by.

I had time to reflect on my journey and how flowers have indeed influenced my paintings. I don’t often paint flowers as a subject however I know my art is influenced by my many years designing with flowers. I think it helped me hone my sense of colour combinations, my sense of design, and my love of texture.  Designing flowers is very spontaneous and your creation takes shape quickly.  I like spontaneity in my artwork too!  Having spent many years making three dimensional work I sometimes find the two dimensional work very flat!  I think that has influenced my building up of layers to give a lot of depth. In a flower shop you are often working on several arrangements at a time – I find I do this with my paintings also.

I love the textures and the colours of fall. There are so many old and new flowers being cultivated for commercial use, like the chocolate sunflower, and the luscious coffee break rose.

Now they are even growing marigolds for commercial use!  The fragrance of these transported me right back to my childhood and growing up on the farm in Saskatchewan. We grew the large Cracker Jack variety in our garden – probably to ward off bugs!  In the fall at the first frost warning we would pick large bouquets’ and bring them into the house to enjoy. As a child I found the fragrance strong and unpleasant – now I find myself enjoying it.  It is amazing how scent is so strongly linked to memory!

It is not a mystery why I love “Cadmium Orange” – maybe I will rename that to be “Marigold Orange! ”

Here are a few snapshots I took of the fall tones.


Now I have to go paint – I feel a fall tone landscape coming on!




Finding Inspiration in Salvage

The other day my husband took me out to lunch with one quick stop on the way.

The stop was at a building supply/salvage yard. You might not think that would hold much interest for an artist. However I take every opportunity to find inspiration. While he went off looking for what he needed I snooped around.

I find such beauty in old things. the patinas, the crackle, the adornment, the carving, the wrought iron.

Here are some images I took.

Here is some work that is influenced by these types of inspirations.