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Two Day Residency

I just spent two days at the TOSH10 Gallery in The Old School House In Qualicum Beach. It is my commitment to being in a co-operative gallery. I treat my shift as a self imposed residency. If I go with a strong focus I find I can get a lot of  work done.  So for the past two days  I worked on Abstract Landscape paintings – just small studies.

I started by making several thumbnail sketches of  a variety of composition styles – high horizon, low horizon, framed, path, aerial view etc.
Sketch Book

I then started working on several paintings – 11 to be exact! I used scrapers and palette knife as well as some brush work.

There is great value in working on several paintings at one time- you never get caught up on any thing becoming to precious and you have no down time waiting for things to dry.

Most of them are not finished but close.

Here is where I got to so far. I will post them as I complete them – always the hardest part!

First Painting of Jan. 2016

Scrivener 1601---The-Big-Tree---11x14-SM


I joined a 30 day challenge to start off the New Year. Not sure I will be able to keep up with it everyday but I am going to try!

I have a lot going on with having my speaking engagement tomorrow at the Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery and my Make Your Mark Mentorship program for 2016 starts on Tuesday.

My partner Rick had surgery in late November and has developed a blood clot as a result so there have been lots of trips to and fro the Medi Center and hospital. Not to mention all the extra things that come with caring for someone.

I am not going to be focusing on any particular theme for this challenge but rather finishing a waiting in limbo painting. There will be a large variety!  I will be offering them at a discounted price for one day. They will also be posted on Social Media.

This painting is about GROWTH and STRETCHING and FLOURISHING – all things that seemed to be a good theme for the beginning of the year!

My wish for everyone in 2016 is to have a fantastic year of GROWTH and to allow your self to stretch and flourish!

The BIG Tree SOLD before I had a chance to write the blog post.



Why Painting Ponds is a Passion

When I was a child growing up on a farm in Saskatchewan I loved going down to the pond. It was a small pond where the water accumulated from the drainage culverts under the railroad tracks. For me it was a place of solace. I loved watching nature and the life in the pond – catching tadpoles and frogs.
As an adult I am still intrigued by ponds and marshes. I love going out in the canoe and escaping to a quiet place with the sounds and sights of nature.
Lily pads and water shield plants have always fascinated me.
Painting ponds takes me back to that place of solitude and allows me time to meander in my thoughts. It is like a painting meditation for me.

You can watch a video about my inspiration here.

Here are some of the paintings in my “pondscape series”. Click on them to see the full size image.

October’s Challenge

With much consideration I have decided not to continue with the daily painting for the month of October.  Not to worry I will resume it again in the future.

October is a busy month for me. My harp students are back in full swing, I have two workshops planned for in my studio and I am working with a client on an interior renovation project.

So what about a challenge! I have decided to work up some landscapes for my upcoming “Mixed Media Abstract Landscape” workshop.

The October workshop is sold out but I am offering it again in November. Visit my website for more details and to register online.

Here is my latest landscape and some detail shots of the texture.

Orange Landscape







September 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge Collage


That wraps up the latest challenge. I have done four months of 30/31 day challenges = 122 paintings plus several larger paintings.

I have considered continuing but with respect to my October teaching schedule I am going to take a break from committing to a daily painting.  Never fear I will still have a challenge and I will be painting daily!

Stay tuned to see what I am up to.


Day 17 -Monoprint and Collage













Another day and other landscape!  The background pattern  is achieved with a stamp. The horizon line features corrugated cardboard from a cookie package, old dictionary and painted deli paper.

I still have some space in the upcoming workshop in October if you are interested in learning more about it take a look here.


Day 16-Monoprint and Collage

Scrivener- day 16 monoprint and Collage












In this landscape I used  collage paper which I  painted on deli paper using the Gelli Arts Printing Plate.  I really love the interesting results and how efficient it is.  It also dries vey fast. The black lines are created with a fine line pen.

If you have a Gelli Plate that you have not broken in I have an upcoming workshop to help you with that,  For more information please click here.

Day 15- Monoprint and Collage












I had to default back to landscapes today. I did 3 circle paintings and they are all awful! I am feeling under the weather with a sore throat and cold.  Not really happy with this one either but it is the best I have to show you.

Tomorrow is another day! And today is the half way mark! I am really losing momentum so I hope I can hang in there for the second half!

Until then –


Day 7 – Monoprint and Collage

Scrivener-Day 7-Monoprint and CollageAnother variation on the theme. I am really liking the way this swirly stamp looks. I had a darker colour on the bottom layer and then I put a layer of Bleached Titianium over top and stamped into it with the linocut stamp. The straight edge on the bottom is cut deli paper that was painted with the Gelli plate. I like how a straight edge can provide some tension with the organic shapes.

I will soon be announcing the date for an upcoming workshop on Monoprint and Collage. If you hare interested in the information reply to this blog post.

Until tomorrow!