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Two Day Residency

I just spent two days at the TOSH10 Gallery in The Old School House In Qualicum Beach. It is my commitment to being in a co-operative gallery. I treat my shift as a self imposed residency. If I go with a strong focus I find I can get a lot of  work done.  So for the past two days  I worked on Abstract Landscape paintings – just small studies.

I started by making several thumbnail sketches of  a variety of composition styles – high horizon, low horizon, framed, path, aerial view etc.
Sketch Book

I then started working on several paintings – 11 to be exact! I used scrapers and palette knife as well as some brush work.

There is great value in working on several paintings at one time- you never get caught up on any thing becoming to precious and you have no down time waiting for things to dry.

Most of them are not finished but close.

Here is where I got to so far. I will post them as I complete them – always the hardest part!

Why Painting Ponds is a Passion

When I was a child growing up on a farm in Saskatchewan I loved going down to the pond. It was a small pond where the water accumulated from the drainage culverts under the railroad tracks. For me it was a place of solace. I loved watching nature and the life in the pond – catching tadpoles and frogs.
As an adult I am still intrigued by ponds and marshes. I love going out in the canoe and escaping to a quiet place with the sounds and sights of nature.
Lily pads and water shield plants have always fascinated me.
Painting ponds takes me back to that place of solitude and allows me time to meander in my thoughts. It is like a painting meditation for me.

You can watch a video about my inspiration here.

Here are some of the paintings in my “pondscape series”. Click on them to see the full size image.

Blossom Tree Progression

Layer 6

Scrivener -Blossom Tree 48 x36″

This is another painting that really took a change when I changed the orientation. I turned it from  horizontal to vertical  and saw the tree emerge. It reminds me to never get locked into the orientation of the painting.

Transitions of a Painting

The result of my abstract demo from the Island Arts Expo and the documented process.

Finish the trunk, add some darks and unify and soften the sky.

Scrivener 24×24″ Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas $1000.00

30 Paintings in 30 Days- Day 19

This painting was so much fin to do and I am pleased with the results. I used oil sticks ( oil paint with added wax in a large crayon shape). Wearing nitrile gloves I used my fingers to blend. The metallic silver adds some sparkle and light.


12 x 12″ Oil on cradled panel.

30 Paintings in 30 Days – Day 18


Today I worked on several paintings. The one I committed to never did come together, however I like the results I got with this one. It has a couple more layers of oil stick blended on top. I did one layer yesterday and and let it dry overnight. Forgot to take a picture! And then did another layer this afternoon. What started out as a wave still ended up with a feeling of the beach – to me anyway.



30 Paintings in 30 Days-Day 17

This painting came together quickly with a few layers. I especially love the sky and the bits of texture and colour in the foreground.

8x8" Miced Media on a Cradled Panel $150.00

Scrivener, Sunset Over the Water, 8×8″ Mixed Media on a Cradled Panel $150.00


30 Paintings in 30 Days- Day 16

I lost the circles! My favorite part! Oh well that is the way it is with paintings, just like life – you can’t keep it all! Painting involves many decisions, many that you can’t undo, another parallel with life! At the same time we must be brave, sitting in limbo doesn’t take us any where!

If a decision turns out wrong we have to make another one to correct it – in paintings and in life. Each time we learn  and grow from our decisions. One advantage in painting over life though is that we have a large container of white gesso that we can cover over everything and start with a near clean slate! Life is not that

Day 16









Scrivener- Red and Blue Landscape , 12 x 12″

Cold wax and oil on cradled panel