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October’s Challenge

With much consideration I have decided not to continue with the daily painting for the month of October.  Not to worry I will resume it again in the future.

October is a busy month for me. My harp students are back in full swing, I have two workshops planned for in my studio and I am working with a client on an interior renovation project.

So what about a challenge! I have decided to work up some landscapes for my upcoming “Mixed Media Abstract Landscape” workshop.

The October workshop is sold out but I am offering it again in November. Visit my website for more details and to register online.

Here is my latest landscape and some detail shots of the texture.

Orange Landscape







Octobers’ Challenge in Review

Music to My Ears, 48 x48", Acryic/collage on a gallery wrapped canvas, $3500.00

Music to My Ears, 48 x48″, Acryic/collage on a gallery wrapped canvas, $3500.00

This post is a little late coming now that we are nearing the middle of November. In September I challenged myself to paint 30 paintings in 30 days. That totalled 3740 square inches. In October I decided to challenge myself to do the same or more in square inches but in any size (I was craving to work large!). I ended up doing a few small ones too! Five of the paintings where previously started and needed to be resolved.  In total I finished 6336 square inches. What really boosted my total was my large painting “Music to My Ears” which is 4’x4′.  On top of that I taught 3 workshops and displayed my art at the Island Arts Expo!

Here are my results.


30 Paintings in 30 Days – Day 26

Today I switched to using hot wax as my medium. I started out with a demo piece with all kind of marks and shredded paper embedding. I added more paper, some with texture on the right side and some with pressed leaves. When you apply wax to this paper the paper becomes transparent leaving the leaves to show. I also added a real dried leave to the equation. The black bird is a collage element and the branch is drawn with India Ink. Each layer of wax is fused with a heat gun or torch. If you want to learn more about Encaustic Collage (hot beeswax) I have a workshop coming up in my studio.



Scrivener- Bird on a Branch, 12 x 12″, Encaustic on a wood substrate. $250.00

30 Paintings in 30 Days -Day 23

Under the Surface:

The interesting thing about building up layers and scratching back into the subsequent layers is the discovery of what is underneath. The same holds true about humans -the older we get the more layers we have built up. Layers of experience, wisdom, stories, hardship etc.

I find in today’s society more than ever people live on the surface, few people seem really interested in scratching below the first layer or two to get to know someone.  I think we are missing out on a lot by not having deeper meaningful conversations. I have always detested cocktail talk and discover along time ago that I was not made of the right stuff to be a  high society type of wife hanging out, looking chic and making small talk.

Is social media to blame, our busy lives – not having time, being self centered, mixed up priorities, has it become all about me, stuff and money? Well I don’t have the answers just the questions!

I do think is that we are missing the boat and it is time to come out of our cocoons and make a concerted effort to get to know someone, to take a real genuine interest in them.  One thing I can guarantee you- it will enrich your life. I challenge you to dig below the surface, to start a genuine meaningful conversation with someone. You might be surprised about what you learn.

10x10" Mixed media on canvas panel ready to frame $150.00

Scrivener-Under the Surface ,10×10″ Mixed media on canvas panel ready to frame $150.00

30 Paintings in 30 Days-Day 17

This painting came together quickly with a few layers. I especially love the sky and the bits of texture and colour in the foreground.

8x8" Miced Media on a Cradled Panel $150.00

Scrivener, Sunset Over the Water, 8×8″ Mixed Media on a Cradled Panel $150.00


30 Paintings in 30 Days – Day 5

Wow today I had a lot on my plate and did not get into the studio until mid afternoon. I tackled another landscape from the pile. I didn’t like how the raised stencil at the bottom looked like it was sitting there not belonging.  This is the result of doing a demo to illustrate something-molding paste through a stencil! The other lacy bits are paper doilies. I  scraped on some more layers including some metallic copper. I liked it better one layer before I stopped!


Scrivener-Day 5 before


Scrivener -day 5 after 2

SOLD: Pink Poppies on a Clear Day by West Coast Artist Patt Scrivener

Scrivener Patt, Pink Poppies on a Clear Day

Thank you to the person who purchased this painting from the White Dog Studio Gallery in Whistler, BC.  It started out as a demo piece for a local art group and when I came back to the studio I added a few finishing touches. Later on I entered it in a Federation of Canadian Artists Show in Vancouver and recieved an “Award of Excellence” for it.

It has little brass circles that I got from Urban source -(the recycling store for artists in Vancouver) nestled in the horizon line. I like how they echo the center of the poppy.

Repetition is an important element in a painting. This painting was started by laying down texture first and then pouring ink on the surface allowing it to meander into the grooves. the final step was to put in the sky with opaque paint.

I hope the new owner gets many years of enjoyment from this painting.