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September 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge Collage


That wraps up the latest challenge. I have done four months of 30/31 day challenges = 122 paintings plus several larger paintings.

I have considered continuing but with respect to my October teaching schedule I am going to take a break from committing to a daily painting.  Never fear I will still have a challenge and I will be painting daily!

Stay tuned to see what I am up to.


Day 30 – Monoprint and Collage













Something a little different today! Somehow the textures reminded me of pods – I drew them with the fine line bottle. The lace is a paper doily collaged on and then monoprinted over. I love how the bits of teal show through.

Well that is the conclusion of the September 30 day challenge.  That makes 4 months in a row of daily paintings-  a total of 122 paintings.

For the month of October I am setting a new challenge. Stay tuned!

Thanks for following!


Day 29 – Monoprint and Collage













Everything and the kitchen sink! I tried it all in this one – got quite busy! It started off simple with large masked shapes, then a layer of the gold grid, next a stencil with circles, I painted semi circles on the gelli plate in teal and pulled a print, the black line was made on the gelli plate with a fine line bottle – pulling the print squished it! The last things was to add some orange and red cirlces and the little black square with the collaged deli paper.  Didn’t turn out the best but that is it for today!

Until tomorrow,


Day 28 – Monoprint and Collage













This one has many layers built up giving it a rich patina. The orange straight edge shapes are painted deli paper collaged on. I wonder if I should have let the upper right hand corner go. I am finding it a bit distracting!  I can often see it so much better when I distance myself from the painting and put it on the computer screen.  It is a good learning tool! Only a couple more days now and this challenge will be fini!

What’s next? Hmm!  So many things I would like to try. You can learn a lot over the course of 30 days. I will have to check my supplies and see what is loitering that I have not used in a while. That might be a good place to start!

Until tomorrow,


Day 27 – Monoprint and Collage













In this one I tried some wax crayon as a resist and continued with layers over it. You can easily scrape it off to reveal the underlying wax colour. I used masks to get the shapes and then cut the blue open circle out of the painted deli paper. The black is also collaged. Looking at it now on the screen I wish I would have put the black piece on the bottom more to the right. It would have had better balance. I wander if I can translate some of these more successful pieces onto a large canvas!

My October course on Monoprinting and Collage is SOLD OUT! Yay! If you would like to attend one please give me a shout and I will add new dates.

Until tomorrow,


Day 26 – Monoprint and Collage













Today I started by doing  a photo transfer of a crow and then used transparent paint so as not to cover it up. On the right I have used some corrugated cardboard from a cookie package. I out lined the bird with a fine liner bottle. The open half circle in the top left corner is collage.

I sill have one space left in my upcoming workshop on Monoprinting and Collage on Oct 15 and 16th.  Let me know if you would like to join in.

Until tomorrow,



Day 23 – Monoprint and Collage













I used Nasturtium leaves in this one too! You can faintly see them in the under painting. I finished it off with some collaged paper in copper and orange.  The colour in the photo is a bit off because I had to shoot inside today.

It has been a long day and it is time to sit down and have a cup of tea!

Until tomorrow!