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Getting Back to Ready

In my years of owning flower shops this is something we practiced. Everything was left clean and ready to go in the morning. No matter how late we worked at holiday time we always swept the floor and cleaned off our counters.

I do the same in my kitchen – the policy in our house is no dirty dishes left at the end of the day.

So why is it that I don’t practice this in my studio!

  • No designated ending time
  • I want to keep painting until the last minute
  • Not good at watching the clock when I am in my studio
  • Work in acrylic and I don’t have water in my studio/hassle to take things into house to clean
  • To tired to be bothered to clean up when I decide to quit

Okay there are all the excuses. Now I am going to have to do something about it. That is my other policy, 5 minutes to whine and then either do something about it or stop whining!

So it supposedly takes 30 days to form a new habit. Starting today I am going to get my studio back to ready before packing it in for the day. This means, dumping the water, cleaning and closing all paint lids, cleaning my brushes, putting away all collage material and paint, refilling buckets with clean water. In general leaving my work station ready to start when I arrive in my studio at 6.00 a.m tomorrow morning.

I think this will help me with my production, clarity and focus.  Can it really be that hard!


Organizing 101

So the problem with being a mixed media artist is it is not simple! There are so many things! All the texture making tools, collage papers, different mediums, not to mention all the stuff from the recycle bin. Sometimes I wish I would have just stuck to water colour! Oh that would not be near as much fun though! The problem with stuff is it multiplies and as a mixed media artist you see the potential in everything! Okay do I need more space, more storage or less stuff!  I have decided on a combination – weed through the stuff and narrow it down, organize the remainder, and have more dedicated storage.

So far I have tackled the collage papers.

DSC00439 (1)





Now instead of random piles they are all sorted and labeled.

DSC00624 (1)








I found these zippered files at Costco and they work great to organize the various papers. I store them in a filing cabinet in alphabetical order.

This is going to be real handy when I am teaching too! I might spend less time putting everything away after a class!

Work smarter not harder – isn’t that the motto?