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The Benefits of Painting Studies

While preparing for my recent abstract landscape workshops I decided to do a bunch of small paintings on paper to show my students various techniques and compositional styles.  I really discovered the benefits of painting several studies in succession.

  • Safe – not a big commitment
  • It allows us to explore composition
  • The freedom to try new and different colour palettes
  • Try different techniques and tools
  • Improves painting skills by working quickly
  • Can be done when we don’t have a lot of time to paint
  • Ideas for future paintings
  • Discovering new techniques

Here is a sampling of some of them.


Look What Fun We Had at the Last Workshops!

In October I hosted two workshops in my studio. One was a Mixed Media Abstract Landscape Workshop the other Monoprinting and Collage on the Gelli Plate. I had great fun and I think the students did too! Some had never done any art before!  Here are some photos.

Monoprinting and Collage Workshop

Mixed Media Abstract Landscape Workshop

There is still space in the November workshops.

The Monkey Wants Your Input

Whether you are a past participant or are considering taking a workshop in the future, we’d appreciate your feedback.  It will help us to formulate our upcoming workshop schedule to better meet your needs.  Thank you for your response!  Fill out the survey here.


Transitions of a Painting

The result of my abstract demo from the Island Arts Expo and the documented process.

Finish the trunk, add some darks and unify and soften the sky.

Scrivener 24×24″ Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas $1000.00

30 Paintings in 30 Days -Day 29

This painting is Encaustic (hot wax). It just needed some punch so I added some more layers of brighter blues, greens, and copper. The final thing I did was to rub some copper metallic oil stick into the horizon line and foreground.


Scrivener – Along the  Boardwalk, 12 x 12″          Encaustic on Cradled Panel $250.00


30 Paintings in 30 Days-Day 20

Love the blue sky in this with the contrast of the orange-red and the light at the horizon.  Again I used the oil sticks to add the final layer.



30 Paintings in 30 Days -Day 13

Divided –Separate or be separated into parts.   This painting has a religious story with the small image of the church in between the people. Reflecting while I was painting I realized how many times in my life I have seen the divide between religion and people.

I have had many feelings of being divided – through divorce, friendships, moving and death.  It is part of life that we must endure.

Being in groups of people, like minded or not often leaves me feeling exasperated separated.

This painting doesn’t have a happy feel instead it carries a lot of emotional weight.


Divided -12 x 12″  Oil and cold wax on a cradled panel $250.00