Why Choose a Guiding Word?

When I wear my other hat as a life coach I help people to get clear on their intentions and to pick ONE guiding word for the year.

A guiding word keeps our awareness sharp around that which we want to focus on. Last year my word was Systems. Through out the year I implemented some new SYSTEMS particularily in my studio. I still have plenty to do in this area! Is it every really done as we change grow and expand?

I have pondered long and hard on this years word as I had a few contenders. I have finally settled on COMPLETE. I think this encompasses two other words – focus and efficient. In order to complete I am going to have to stay focussed and by completing I am going to be more efficient.  Some of the completion revolves around the system. A system only works if it is implemented and has follow through. That is my weakness! In all my previous businesses I have been able to delegate to get all the tasks finished. Now for the most part I am a one woman act! I live by the motto ” If it is meant to be it is up to me”!

I always like to create a visual to hang in my studio as a reminder of my guiding word. I encourage you to do one too!


Just a fast painting with collaged letters in my journal.

Guiding Word -Complete LRI would love to have you join me in finding your guiding word. Please leave a comment with your Guiding word.

Now here is to COMPLETING!


2 thoughts on “Why Choose a Guiding Word?

  1. patt Post author

    That is a great word Marcela! It is so Complete! All encompassing. All the best for becoming in 2015!

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