My Guiding Word for 2016

Every year I select one word as a focus word to guide me through the year. I have decided on “BALANCE”  as my word for 2016. Balance


Balance is having the right amount — not too much or too little — of any quality, which leads to harmony or evenness.

In 2015 I found I was out of balance and spent too much time in my art business.  It is hard not to when you love what you do! My studio is like a magnet. But at the same time I felt that I did not stay fresh and I felt burnt out at times.

What does that mean for 2016?

It means I am going to reduce the hours I spend on art and art related work.

I am going to spend more time in nature. Walking, canoeing, and camping. This is where I connect with my inner self and become refreshed and renewed. Balance

In turn this leads to better work.

I am going to spend more time on music – both making it myself and listening to it live. This is another activity that feeds my soul.

I am going to spend time doing projects that have been put on hold.  Unfinished projects take lots of energy!

I am going to explore some new activities – like belly fit, zumba and Qi Gong.

I am going to meditate more.

I am going to connect with friends more regularly. Being an artist is an insular life and it is easy to spend too much time in your own thoughts!

How am I going to do this? 

I am going to rely on a schedule. I know that sounds linear for a creative person but it is the only way I will be able to replace some of my studio time an achieve my goal of balance.

What is your guiding word for 2016?

2 thoughts on “My Guiding Word for 2016

  1. Raven

    Patt, I love this suggestion from you and I followed it all last year. In fact, I suggested it to two friends and the three of us (one in Florida, one in Saskatoon, one in BC Gulf Islands) checked in with each other on Skype quite regularly to see how it was going. I went with my intuitive choice, first word popping into my mind:Freedom. My friends chose Fun and Adventure. None of us had an action plan… just throwing out the intention to the Universe and listening for the answer. It was amazing. I had Freedoms all last year in ways I could not imagine would come about. The other two both realized their words as well. We are each keen to choose another word this year. I have already chosen mine. This year, I am going for more Fun in my life. I want to laugh more and embrace the moments. I am not sure what my friends will choose as both are traveling right now… haha! I would recommend your guiding word process to anyone and look forward to finding out how Balance works out for you.

  2. patt Post author

    Fantastic Raven! Can’t wait to see what FUN you have this year. I hope to share it with you! See you soon!

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