One on One Mentoring Session

This week I had the opportunity to give a one on one mentoring session. It is a very efficient way to learn. In a one on one session you get undivided attention.  For some people it is a preferred method of learning rather than in a classroom setting. This was the case for G. (who wants to remain anonymous).

We spent three and a half hours together and he went home with a painting ready to hang.

He had an idea of what he wanted to do and needed help achieving it.

Here was the process.

Fist he blocked in some colour using a catalyst straight edge blade. Raw umber, yellow oxide, nickle azo and red iron oxide.

Initial Layer

Blow drying speeds up the process-even though acrylic dries fast G did not want to watch paint dry!


Next he added some umber to the foreground to tie it to unify it more with the top and give it a more rock like feel. Notice he is holding his brush at the end so he does not have so much control. This makes for more interesting lines.


He got ahead of my picture taking! He added another mountain shape in the background. For the tree he used a veil coat of watered down titanium white. This was misted with water so it would leave some texture and bring some of the umber to the top. The last step was to glaze over it with Nickle Azo gold. I love how the tree looks back lit. It makes it the focal point.  The edges where finished with raw umber before putting hanging hardware on the back.

G. went home with a painting he created ready to hang in his new home.



Do you want to fast track your learning?

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned painter I am available to help you. Contact me to discuss the possibilities!


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