Abstract Explorations -TBA

Abstract Explorations -TBA

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Would you love to take your art in a new direction?

In Abstract Explorations 3, we will explore shapes, a composition style commonly used in non-objective abstracts. You will combine collage, pastel, graphite, and acrylic to achieve results as unique as you are. You’ll learn how to explore the use of color theory in abstraction and to use an underpainting to bring structure and depth to your art. In addition, you’ll begin to understand how to work in a series and how this can help you develop your own personal style.You will learn:

Pastel and acrylic techniques

How to add collage elements

How to loosen up by using your non-dominant hand

Ways to express emotions through mark-making

Using color and symbolism for expression

Working with photos for inspiration

Please note: Each abstract exploration course is a stand-alone and they do not have to be taken in order.

Time – 10-4

Location – My studio

Supplies- Some supplies included.

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