As a veteran participant in art workshops and a retired educator/evaluator I am pleased to highly recommend Patt as an exceptional art instructor. Inspiration combined with perfect preparation, presentation, pacing and production were excellent. Her interpersonal skills are both encouraging and effective dealing with challenges with wit and wisdom. I would welcome opportunities to learn from Patt in the near future.

Pam Turner, Port Alberni


I really enjoyed my 2 day ‘Playshop’ with Patt. She is creative and fun, and highly committed to helping her students learn whatever they need to take the next steps forward in their painting. I really appreciated that during our 2 days in her studio, she never once spent time working on her own pieces, other than to take them to the next stage/phase, to help us better understand what she was teaching us.

Though much of her work and art items in her studio were for sale, she never once spent our class time promoting her own wares and I can’t tell you how much I appreciated that. I felt that her time was our time and she was most generous with it.

Lynn O'Brien, Nanaimo


Patt has a great balance between direction and encouraging creativity. Instruction is clear and organized. Loved being introduced to strategies for working with acrylic.

Sharon Lalonde, Comox




Patt has a wide variety of ideas to apply to individual work. I was impressed with the many extras as we worked eg. small bottles to write with/outline with. Very supportive as we worked.

Tina Mander, Art Group Comox Valley