A Big Oops!

I started this painting by covering the canvas with wrinkled tissue paper and then painting it with shades of red. Next I randomly added collage elements including a foil wrapper and some net like fabric.

I then applied layers of paint with a scraper building up lots of texture. Next I took the sander to it to reveal some of the red under-painting. This is when the oops happened- the paint let loose on the foil area. This was due to the fact I had forgotten to add a coat of clear gesso. It may have still happened as the foil had a paper backing. I am glad I did sand it and discovered the adhesion problem. My first thought was to cover the areas back up as close to the original but I thought the red shapes where interesting. In the end I let the vertical one go.

Nature’s Tapestry - 48x48” Available for viewing in my studio.

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